Black Press Ads

Just Imagine...

...Tapping into an $800 billion + consumer market that is currently using your product or services and
want more!
You ask, who are they, where can I find them?
Well, allow us to introduce you to the 37 million African-American consumers* in the United States. African-Americans purchase autos, entertainment, electronics, houses, insurance, household goods, travel, cosmetics, and much more.
Would you like to reach this market?
 Let us show you how........

Trice Edney Communications, LLC has recently launched BlackPressAds. This aspect of TEC provides an opportunity for corporate advertisers to expand your marketing outreach to masses of African-American consumers. African-Americans across the nation are welcoming the emergence of Trice Edney News Wire with enthusiasm as viable web-based news service that is “Provocative, Empowering and Unapologetically Black”.

Our readers and on-line users are many among the 37 million African-Americans*:
• 33% have Household incomes over $50,000*
• 59% have some college and advanced degrees*
• They spend over $800 billion dollars-plus each year as consumers*
• They  are loyal to market branding
• They support corporations with a community presence
• They are tech-savvy and connected on-line
Trice Edney News Wire is proud to unveil BlackPressAds Web Ads.
Become a Charter advertiser with banner ads on

You will receive the following benefits:
• Maximize your web impressions through website hits
• Expand your corporate message to $800 billion African-American consumer market
• Align your 2011 marketing strategy to maximize outreach.
• Access  subscription

Yes, I want to become a Charter Advertiser Today! Click here or send an e-mail to D. Yvonne Rivers at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coming soon in 2011 -- Advertising placement service with Black Press newspapers.

* U.S. Census Bureau