Trice Edney About Us

Trice Edney Communications, LLC at a Glance

Trice Edney Communications, LLC is the parent company of Trice Edney Wire, National News Releases and Black Press Ads. All three agencies are owned by veteran Black Press journalist, Hazel Trice Edney, president and CEO of Trice Edney Communications, and former editor-in-chief of the NNPA News Service.

The goal of Trice Edney News Wire – provocative, empowering, unapologetically Black – is to provide nationally focused and Black-oriented news stories, investigative reports, and opinion columns to more than 1,000 newspapers, radio stations and websites around the nation, all of which are either Black-owned, serve vast Black audiences or are specifically interested in Black-oriented content.

News articles published by Trice Edney Wire ( are written by seasoned and young journalism professionals. Syndicated columns are exclusively written by top level professionals with years of demonstrated commitment to civil rights, racial progress, economic justice, political empowerment, and to the health, quality of life, and general advancement of African-Americans.

Press Releases distributed by National News Releases (, are guaranteed to hit news agencies in targeted markets in major cities around the nation. Businesses, corporations, organizations, houses of worship, government agencies and individuals can use NNR’s reasonably priced online press release distribution services to our list serve of more than 1,000 newspapers, radio stations, and websites coast to coast. NNR is also able to track releases and report interest levels. For more information, call Fatima Bartee, manager of National News Releases at 202-431-9711, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Advertisements through Black Press Ads, (, still in development and soon to come, will be placed exclusively with Black-owned newspapers around the country – individually, regionally or as a group.  America’s Black buying power of more than $800 billion has been long-neglected by industries that have succeeded largely on the revenue gained from the purchases of goods and services by African-Americans. Black Press Ads provides crucial opportunities for companies to target advertising directly to one of the oldest and most successful mediums to reach African-Americans of all incomes and socio-economic backgrounds – the Black Press.