Trice Edney Wire Launch

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Hazel Trice Edney Remarks During Launch from Bold American Marketing on Vimeo.

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Publishable photos from Trice Edney Wire Launch
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Richmond Free Press Editor-Publisher Ray Boone congratulates Hazel Trice Edney, his first Free Press reporter in 1991, alongside Denise Rolark Barnes, who was hostess for the launch event.

Hazel Trice Edney prepares to address friends and supporters.

LaunchDerrickHazelDerrick Kenny, Bold American Marketing, Trice Edney web designer, prepares for the launch with Hazel Trice Edney

LaunchBoonespeakingRay Boone, Richmond Free Press, discusses the power of journalism.

LaunchHillaryflagHillary Shelton, Washington Bureau Chief, NAACP, congratulates Trice Edney Wire.

LaunchedneyrichetteRichette Haywood, NNPA, congratulates Hazel Trice Edney.