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Right Wing Watch: The Week’s Weirdest Moments on the Extreme Right: QAnon Dangers, Trump Superfan MMA Fighter, Steve Bannon’s Campaign Reappearance

Oct. 29, 2020

Right Wing Watch: The Week’s Weirdest Moments on the Extreme Right: QAnon Dangers, Trump Superfan MMA Fighter, Steve Bannon’s Campaign Reappearance



Former White House adviser Steve Bannon, out on bail following his indictment on wire fraud charges, made a virtual appearance earlier this month at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival​ in Pennsylvania. The Rod of Iron rally ​was organized by two sons of the late Sun Myung Moon, a messianic Korean religious leader who founded and bankrolled the right-wing Washington Times newspaper. Bannon delivered a message seemingly meant to incite the several thousand attendees:

“What the left intends to do — and you’re seeing it in Pennsylvania right now — [is] use the courts, use social media, use the mainstream to make sure Trump is not declared the winner that night,” Bannon told the crowd. He said falsely that “uncertifiable” mail-in ballots would be used to “steal the presidency” away from the president. “Look we’re going to win this thing,” he said. “Pennsylvania is the key that picks the lock for a second Trump term.”


Rod of Iron Ministries offers training to “equip 2nd Amendment Christians with the tools and training that enable Patriots to grow closer to God while defending America’s founding principles.” The two brothers happen to own a gun manufacturer.

Fight club

Former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz is basing his bid for elected office in Huntington Beach, Calif., on who he knows. Ortiz’s relationship with the incumbent president dates back to 2001, when the UFC held two consecutive events at the Trump Taj Mahal casino. At the time, the UFC had been relegated to small venues in states like Mississippi after then-Arizona senator John McCain referred to MMA as “human cockfighting.” The comment tarnished the UFC’s reputation and its ability to promote events across the United States. Trump took a chance on the UFC and allowed the promoters to host shows at his casino.

Ortiz was one of the biggest stars the UFC had at the time. He headlined one of the shows at the Trump Taj Mahal and won his fight in 30 seconds. Since then, he has been pictured with Trump on numerous occasions over the years and even appeared as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice,” hosted by Trump.

A native of Huntington Beach, Ortiz was roused to enter politics following a wave of Black Lives Matter protests that took place in the town in May and June 2020, which he attended with a group of locals under the guise of “maintaining the peace.” Taking inspiration from Trump—a fellow businessman who lacked any political qualifications prior to running for office—Ortiz decided to run for Huntington Beach City Council. “I’ll give a lot of credit to Donald Trump because he’s not a politician. He’s a businessman who had a business strategy to make America great,” Ortiz told ABC7.


A recent poll from Yahoo News/You Gov finds that half of the incumbent president’s supporters among registered voters believe in the patently absurd QAnon conspiracy theory. It’s rather convoluted, but the basics are these: The theorists claim that the president is secretly battling a hidden cabal of Satanic Democrats and Hollywood figures who are ostensibly running a pedophile ring, and that a moment is coming when there will be mass arrests and executions of those smeared as members of the phantasmagoric cabal.

The fallout from QAnon is likely to be felt during the 2020 election and long afterward. A series of bogus claims dumped into an internet cesspool has started a movement that will soon have representation in the U.S. Congress.

Whether Trump wins or loses, our political system now must contend with the fact that a considerable number of people in the country who believe that a Satanic cabal of pedophiles is running the government and a GOP that chooses more often than not to look the other way as this corrosive movement takes root in its base.

Right Wing Watch is a Project of People for the American Way.

Right Wing Watch: The Week’s Weirdest Moments on the Extreme Right: Denial and Rage, Conspiracy Theorists Win Elected Office, Bannon Bounced

Nov. 11, 2020



Right Wing Watch: The Week’s Weirdest Moments on the Extreme Right
Denial and Rage, Conspiracy Theorists Win Elected Office, Bannon Bounced


That River in Egypt

If there’s anything of which we’re sure, it’s that the present occupant of the White House will not go quietly into the night, and neither will his followers. Like him, they do not accept the election’s results, and have latched on to the false narrative of an election stolen from them. And while the antics of such Trump acolytes as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani — who convened a Pennsylvania press conference on Nov. 7 in the parking lot of a Philadelphia landscaping company that is wedged between a crematorium and a pornography shop — may seem comical, they managed to muster followers in red baseball caps at state capitol buildings across the country the weekend following the election. In open-carry states, such as Arizona, pro-Trump protesters came heavily armed.

Now far-right political operatives, as well as hosts of Fox News Channel prime-time programs, are rallying those aggrieved Trump activists to march on Washington on Nov. 14. Emboldened by Attorney General William Barr’s endorsement of Justice Department investigations of voter-fraud allegations made by right-wing leaders and the president himself, the weekend rally may reveal just how deep the president’s support runs — or doesn’t.

QAnon in Congress

The House of Representatives will welcome three new members in January who have, at one time or another, embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory, which posits the all of the president’s political opponents are part of a Satanic child-sex-trafficking cabal, and that the president is working in secret to defeat the cabal, round up major Democratic and Hollywood figures and execute them. The social-media network built by QAnon adherents was a tool that proved useful to the Trump campaign, as prominent campaign surrogates retweeted and shared posts from QAnon-related accounts.

Marjorie Taylor Greene will represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. Not only has Greene referred to “Q,” the anonymous figure at the center of the conspiracy theory, as “a patriot,” she also appeared to compare Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan in videos obtained by the news site Politico.

Lauren Boebert, who won the seat from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, appeared on the YouTube program hosted by QAnon influencer Ann Vandersteel, where she said that if the QAnon theory “is real, then it can be really great for our country.” The New York Times reports that under the scrutiny that comes with running a political campaign, Boebert has since disavowed the conspiracy theory.

At 25, Madison Cawthorn is the youngest person ever to be seated in Congress. And though he reportedly has disavowed QAnon, he does support its claims about child-sex-trafficking. He also raised some eyebrows after posting on his Instagram page photographs of his 2017 visit to Adolf Hitler’s summer home in Germany.

Head Case

Considering the fact that former presidential adviser Steve Bannon is currently awaiting trial on charges of wire fraud for allegedly soaking donors to a fund that was supposed to finance the building of a section of a wall on the Southern U.S. border (instead the donations are said to have gone into the pockets of Bannon and a couple of associates), you’d think that Bannon would be on his best behavior. But after it became known that the former Breitbart News executive had called for the beheadings of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, his lawyer quit representing him, and Twitter suspended his account. Facing a sad future behind bars, Bannon is left hoping that his execution scenario has pleased the president enough to grant poor Bannon a pardon.

Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way.

New Book, "Stop Falling for the Okeydoke"

Maryland Author Stephen A. Tillett Warns Don't Believe the Lies About "Race" That Continues to Undermine Our Country in New Book, "Stop Falling for the Okeydoke."


Annapolis, MD - Today, Stephen A. Tillett, Anne Arundel County NAACP Branch President, political activist, and interfaith clergy leader, released his first book, Stop Falling for the Okeydoke: How the Lie of "Race" Continues to Undermine Our Country [iUniverse; May 25, 2017; 978-1-5320-1-9; $15.99; paperback] for sale at As a new featured author, he will be at the BookExpo America 2017 from June 1-4, 2017 at the Javits Center in New York City.

Tillett believes we are living in a critical time in our nation's history, a time where people of like interests must come together for their common good, lest we all be overrun by the "Corporate States of America." The lie-the okeydoke of "race"-has kept people of common concern separated for far too long. Genetically, we are all 99.9% the same. We must begin to act like it.

As Dr. King once said, "We must learn to live together as brothers or (we will) perish together as fools."


Advance Praises...

  • "You hit the nail right on the head!"- Bishop Felton Edwin May (Retired) of the United Methodist Church
  • "This book is a very personal and powerful examination of the "lie of race" that has served those in power well throughout our history and right up to the present day. [His book's] approach dispels pervasive myths and untruths and illuminates the history, science and politics of this destructive 'lie'."- Myla Kabat-Zinn (daughter of Dr. Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States)
  • "I have known Stephen Tillett for many years, and he has been making big moves all his life. And now he is leading the way again with this incredible book! This book is leading edge thinking and it will have a big impact on America and the world!"- Dr. Willie Jolley, Bestselling author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback and Achieving Greatness with An Attitude of Excellence
  • Stephen A. Tillett is a native Washingtonian, who received a B.A. from the School of Government and Public Administration at The American University; and earned a Masters of Divinity degree at the Howard University School of Divinity. Pastor Tillett was commissioned as a Chaplain in the Air National Guard in December 1996. He concluded his military career in a Special Duty Assignment at Arlington National Cemetery, where he served until his retirement on January 1, 2017. He is the Pastor of Asbury Broadneck UMC in Annapolis, MD, and the President of the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP. He is the father of three children. He, and his wife, Dr. Sherita Gaskins-Tillett, and daughter reside in Maryland.

Dr. Unnia Pettus
Pettus PR,LLC
Follow Via Social Media: Twitter:@StopFalling4It Instagram: @StopFalling4It
Institute of the Black World (IBW) Calls for Economic Sanctions Against Florida




Wed, July 17, 2013

Contact: Don Rojas


Tel: 410-844-1031

Institute of the Black World (IBW) Calls for Economic Sanctions Against Florida

Group Seeks Justice in Memory of Trayvon Martin

 (New York)—The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW), a prominent human rights and racial justice organization, is calling today for the immediate formation of a “National Coalition of Conscience” to declare an economic boycott of Florida as one means of seeking justice for slain Trayvon Martin.

 Responding to the travesty of the George Zimmerman verdict, Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW), said that his group “is strongly urging civil rights and human rights organizations, national faith groups, fraternities, sororities, black professional organizations, organized labor, community-based organizations and people of conscience everywhere to join in a massive, sustained campaign to boycott tourism in Florida until that state’s ‘Stand Your Ground law’ is changed.”

The idea of economic sanctions is gaining traction. Music legend Stevie Wonder has already announced his intention to boycott Florida, saying two days ago in Canada that “until the Stand Your Ground Law is abolished, I will never perform there again.” IBW hopes other artists and entertainers will follow Stevie Wonder’s example.

 Daniels notes that Florida is a prime convention location for national organizations like the NAACP, which is holding its annual convention in Orlando this week. The National Newspaper Publisher’s Association (NNPA) held their Mid-Winter Conference in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year and Black Enterprise is slated to host the annual Pepsi Golf and Tennis Challenge in Palm Beach Gardens over the Labor Day Weekend.

In addition, the nationally famous Disney World amusement complex is a favorite destination of African Americans. “There is no doubt that Black people spend billions of dollars in Florida every year,” said Daniels. “Perhaps, we should abstain from having ‘fun in the sun’ with Minnie and  Mickey until we achieve justice for Trayvon Martin and all the Trayvons across this nation.  It will be a teachable moment for our children.”

Dr. Daniels indicated that IBW will be reaching out to hip hop activist Jasiri X and the 100 Young Black Activists organization in hopes that they might launch a “message from the grassroots” dimension of the economic sanctions campaign to galvanize the engagement of young people of all races and ethnicities across the country.”

 He noted that Dr. Martin Luther King’s instructions to Black people in a rarely referenced part of the speech delivered the night before he was killed should serve as a guide for the Justice for Trayvon Martin Economic Sanctions Campaign. In discussing the injustices suffered by the sanitation workers in Memphis, Dr. King said, “now we must kind of redistribute the pain.”

 In a similar vein, Dr. Daniels advocates that “Blacks and all people of conscience and good will should inflict some non-violent pain on the state of Florida and keep inflicting it until business leaders and the politicians scream for help and plead for the economic sanctions to be lifted.”

 IBW believes that the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, is an ideal occasion to invoke this aspect of Martin Luther King’s spirit.

 “We fervently encourage the ‘beloved community’ that King gave his life for to utilize economic sanctions to demand a change in the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida,” said Daniels.

National Black Church Initiative
National Black Church Initiative
P.O. Box 65177 Washington DC 20035

Rev. Anthony Evans

June 21, 2013
For Immediate Release

National Black Church Initiative and Autism Speaks Partner
to Reduce Age of Autism Diagnosis
Collaboration seeks to reduce racial disparities and improve access to care

Washington DC - The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans churchgoers, and Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, today announced their new collaboration seeking to reduce the average age of diagnosis and to increase access to high-quality early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the African American community. The collaboration will be piloted in 150 churches in the greater Atlanta area as part of the Autism Speaks Early Access to Care initiative Outreach into these congregations will increase awareness of the signs of autism and inform congregants, their extended families, and community of available resources and services.

"Studies clearly demonstrate that signs of autism can emerge as early as 6 to 12 months and that there are effective tools to screen children for autism risk as early as one year and to provide a reliable diagnosis as early as 24 months," stated Autism Speaks Assistant Director of Public Health Research Amy Daniels, Ph.D. "Yet children in the African American community are typically diagnosed even much later than the four to five years of age which is the average age of autism diagnosis in the United States according to the CDC."

While early detection is critical to initiate early intervention therapies for optimal outcomes, many parents have very little knowledge about autism and its symptoms. When children with ASD are treated with appropriate early intervention services between the ages of three and five years, approximately 20 to 50 percent of those children may be able to be mainstreamed.

"NBCI is honored to work with Autism Speaks on this critical health issue, which hits close to home for the African American community. Racial disparities in early detection and access to care and diagnostic information are a real concern for the black church, and NBCI pledges to serve as a tireless advocate and community leader to raise awareness on these issues. We look
forward to working with issue experts at Autism Speaks and our Atlanta member churches in the
coming weeks and months for the sake of our children's' well-being."

Through this collaboration, Autism Speaks will provide written and other collateral materials
which can be used by these churches to help their congregations understand developmental
milestones and the possible signs of autism.

Parents will be provided information regarding standardized screening tools used to assess if a
child is at risk for ASD and provide guidance to parents on how to speak with their health care
provider. Information provided by Autism Speaks will be given on where and who to contact for
further evaluation and early intervention services. Children under age three years are eligible for
evaluation provided at no cost through the state's early intervention office. Local Atlanta-based
resources include Babies Can't Wait, the Marcus Autism Center (, the Emory
Autism Center ( and the CDC.

Should a diagnosis of ASD follow, parents can find extensive information on the Autism Speaks
website - starting with the Resource Guide which helps families find links to local services and
then through a series of Tool Kits that offer guidance from the first 100 days after a diagnosis
through adulthood.

"We continue to make significant progress in autism research," added Chief Science Officer
Robert H. Ring, Ph.D. "It is critically important to put science into action, to have the research
we support work for the community and make a real difference in people's lives. We hope to
make a significant difference by substantially lowering the age of diagnosis for so many children
at risk."

Following this pilot phase in Atlanta, Autism Speaks and NBCI will assess progress and
outcomes before expanding it to other regions across the United States. For more information
about the Autism Speaks/NBCI collaboration visit and for
information about the Autism Speaks Early Access to Care initiative, visit:
About NBCI

The National Black Church Initiative is a coalition of 34,000 churches working to eradicate
racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI's
mission is to provide critical wellness information to all of its members, congregants, churches
and the public. NBCI offers faith-based, out-of-the box and cutting edge solutions to stubborn
economic and social issues. NBCI's programs are governed by credible statistical analysis,
science based strategies and techniques, and methods that work. Visit our website at
"Activate Your Power to Win"

tawanda     jay      justine 

                            Twanda Winston-King                          Jay Lee                           Justine Love


"Activate Your Power to Win"

Inspirational Speaker, Author and Lifestyle Transformation Strategist, Jay Lee along with Motivational Speaker, Poet and Mindset Mastery Specialist, Twanda Winston-King have developed   a four part seminar series entitled "Activate Your Power to Win". Part one of the series which is scheduled for June 8th in Washington, DC is entitled "Activate Your Power to Win - Poverty is Chasing You, But it Can't Catch You Because Perseverance is Winning the Race". This seminar is designed to show you how to free yourself from both mental and financial poverty and develop a winning wealth consciousness.

Hosting this powerful event will be none other than renowned media personality and community organizer Justine Love. Ms. Love will set the tone for this empowering and informative event.

In this transformational seminar, you will:


-           Discover how to activate your power to win in any area of your life

-           Learn mindset mastery strategies to build wealth and personal freedom

-           Learn the three D's to an extraordinary life

-           Design a personal mission statement and walk away with a blueprint to manifest your


Jay and Twanda will provide you with tools and techniques to develop a winning mindset that enables you to shift your consciousnss from mere survival to a mindset of creativity so that you can thrive and reach a destiny of greatness. For Twanda and Jay, this is not just a seminar, but a New Thought Movement.

This amazing seminar will be held on June 8, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE, Washington, DC. Free parking is available and food will be served. The admission is $49.00

To register for this event go to, or if you have questions, go to or call (888)958-5746.


Join the winners for an event that will transform your thinking and activate your power to win. Winners surround themselves with winners!!

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