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1 Body Cams Show Cops More Polite to White Drivers by Alex Shashkevich-Stanford
2 Time Inc. to Sell Majority of its Stake in Essence Magazine by Year's End
3 Justice Department’s Assault on Affirmative Action Signals Aggressive Roll Back on Civil Rights by Brenda Shum
4 Trump’s Proposed Immigration Policy Aims to Make America White Again by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
5 Trump's Delusions on Police Brutality are Dangerous by Jesse Jackson
6 Hypocrisy - Affirmative Action for Wealthy Immigrants, Not Students by Julianne Malveaux
7 Ferguson Employment Center a Tribute to Movement for Social Change that Followed Michael Brown's Death By Marc H. Morial
8 Black Police Executives Reject Trump Encouragement to Rough Up Suspects by Hazel Trice Edney
9 NAACP Applauds Failure of ‘Obamacare’ Repeal, Urges Health Care Protection ‘By Any Means Necessary’ by Hazel Trice Edney
10 Police More Likely to Arrest Blacks and Hispanics During Traffic Stops By Tom Abate
11 Election Races to Watch: Kenya, Rwanda, Angola
12 Congressional Maneuver Seeks to Deny Consumers Financial Satisfaction By Charlene Crowell
13 The 'Voter Fraud' Commission Itself is Fraudulent by Jesse Jackson
14 Black Women Will Rise Despite Unequal Treatment by Julianne Malveaux
15 Black Wealth 2020: New Economic Justice Movement Aims to 'Turbo Charge' Black Wealth in America By Hazel Trice Edney
16 Why the United States is the Richest Country in the World By A. Peter Bailey
17 Reciprocity in the Marketplace by James Clingman
18 Consumer Knowledge of Credit Scoring Drops Over Past Year - Blacks Appear to Need Most Education By Barrington M. Salmon
19 Study: Blacks Comprise Majority of Defendants Who are Wrongfully Convicted By Frederick H. Lowe
20 America and the Tale of Two Realities by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III
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