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"Activate Your Power to Win"

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"Activate Your Power to Win"

Inspirational Speaker, Author and Lifestyle Transformation Strategist, Jay Lee along with Motivational Speaker, Poet and Mindset Mastery Specialist, Twanda Winston-King have developed   a four part seminar series entitled "Activate Your Power to Win". Part one of the series which is scheduled for June 8th in Washington, DC is entitled "Activate Your Power to Win - Poverty is Chasing You, But it Can't Catch You Because Perseverance is Winning the Race". This seminar is designed to show you how to free yourself from both mental and financial poverty and develop a winning wealth consciousness.

Hosting this powerful event will be none other than renowned media personality and community organizer Justine Love. Ms. Love will set the tone for this empowering and informative event.

In this transformational seminar, you will:


-           Discover how to activate your power to win in any area of your life

-           Learn mindset mastery strategies to build wealth and personal freedom

-           Learn the three D's to an extraordinary life

-           Design a personal mission statement and walk away with a blueprint to manifest your


Jay and Twanda will provide you with tools and techniques to develop a winning mindset that enables you to shift your consciousnss from mere survival to a mindset of creativity so that you can thrive and reach a destiny of greatness. For Twanda and Jay, this is not just a seminar, but a New Thought Movement.

This amazing seminar will be held on June 8, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE, Washington, DC. Free parking is available and food will be served. The admission is $49.00

To register for this event go to, or if you have questions, go to or call (888)958-5746.


Join the winners for an event that will transform your thinking and activate your power to win. Winners surround themselves with winners!!


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