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Second Woman Sentenced to Death by Stoning in Sudan

lubna hussein protest-1

Protest against stoning of Sudanese woman.

( – Rights groups are demanding a review of the sentence of stoning issued against a 23 -year-old Sudanese woman, convicted of adultery. It is the second such case in recent months.

Laila Ibrahim Issa Jamool is reportedly shackled at the ankles in detention with her six-month old baby at her side. The Strategic initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA), a local rights group, said her husband charged her with adultery before the birth of her child in March 2012.

Laila and her husband had been undergoing divorce proceedings for the past year following a separation of 18 months. Then her husband filed a new suit to force her back to his home under “Baitaltaa”, Islamic Sharia law. She reportedly had no legal representation in that case.

In a related case, Intisar Sharif Abdullah was sentenced to death by stoning earlier this year over adultery claims but was eventually released "due to lack of evidence" following international pressure.

Stoning is rarely applied to a woman for adultery. Corporal punishment such as the cutting of limbs and stoning to death have been quietly suspended yet not lifted from the criminal code and remain present in Sudan's legal system.

Hala Alkarib, director of SIHA, notes that classical Islamic schools and scholarship that emerged in the 8th century all tried to prevent the conviction of women for adultery and avoid stoning as a brutal form of punishment.

“It is unacceptable that now, 12 centuries later, a judge sitting in Sudan, or in any other part of the Muslim world for that matter, would rule out all accumulated knowledge, wisdom and various accumulated attempts of interpretations given the complexity of the issue, and choose to sentence a young woman to death,” she wrote.

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