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Democrats Now Dominate White House, U. S. House and Senate By Hazel Trice Edney

Jan. 12, 2021

Democrats Now Dominate White House, U. S. House and Senate
By Hazel Trice Edney


Rev. Raphael Warnock, U. S. Senator-elect


Sen.-Elect Jon Ossoff

( - The White House, U. S. Senate, and U. S. House of Representatives – America’s seat of power – will all be Democratically led under President Joe Biden since the U. S. senatorial wins of Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia. The benefit of the dual wins is not only Democratic power in the U. S. Congress, but the likelihood of a smoother legislative agenda for the Biden Administration and possible greater effectiveness on the issues most concerning Black people.

Among Biden’s top agenda items for his first 100 days after the Jan. 20 inauguration are at least a hundred million COVID 19 vaccines within the first 100 days; plus an economic stimulus package. That package could include $2,000 stimulus checks,  another moratorium on evictions, a hike to the minumum wage as well as other economic stimulus.

 Warnock, pastor of the Ebenzer Baptist Church, formerly pastored by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will be the first Black member of the U. S. Senate from Georgia. He won the election after a hardfought race against ardent Trump supporter Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

Ossoff, who was raised Jewish, won election over Republican David Perdue. His win alongside Warnock caused great celebration among African-Americans who recall the racist history steeped in Georgia among other southern states; especially during the days of Jim Crow.

“I come before you as a proud American and a son of Georgia. My roots are planted deeply in Georgia soil,” Warnock said in his speech,  “In this moment in American history, Washington has a choice to make, we all have a choice to make,” he said in his speech. “Will we continue to divide, distract and dishonor one another or will we love our neighbors as we love ourselves? Will we play political games while real people suffer or will we win righteous fights together, standing shoulder to shoulder, for the good of Georgia, for the good of our country? Will we seek to destroy one another as enemies or heed the call towards the common good, building together what Dr. King called ‘the beloved community?"

During a campaign speech, Ossoff indicated he was alrady on the same page as Biden as well as many Black voters:

 "You know who has been hit the hardest by this virus has been George’s black community," Ossoff said. "We need to invest in a longer term economic recovery, because this short-term direct relief will help relieve some of the immediate pain, but we need a significant infrastructure and jobs package to invest in long-term economic recovery."

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